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We already know that the blockchain has applications in several areas of the economy. And one of those is the energy sector. Hence, the decentralized registration technology can be used for a range of applications in this area. For instance, it can be used to assist consumers in making decisions economically rational and  settle their own investments in energy. Or either to guarantee the origin of the energy consumed. Therefore, the blokchain and clean energy have been walking side by side. Below, check out some of these examples:

Winklevoss Twins  want to use surplus gas to generate energy for mining

The firm of the Winklevoss Twins was in a round of US$ 4.5 million funding for the Crusoe Energy Systems to develop its cryptocoins mining hubs.  Crusoe works with the reduction of natural gas flaring, reusing the surplus for power generation.

American company aims at blockchain for clean energy

The main American energy company, Ameren, will use the blockchain in a micro power grid called Transativa Energy Market. It is referred to a set of economic and monitoring  techniques to manage the energy flow within an existing power grid. The technology will help consumers to make the best decision to build clean energy generation sources according to the grid´s demand.

Learn more about these companies leading the use of blockchain for clean energy

Startups are joining energy companies to give consumers the chance to buy energy using their own cryptocoins. The technology is enabling the development of consumer-oriented power generation. That is to say, a more decentralised generation, focused on serving the consumers needs in a cost-effectively manner. Look at these  initiatives of important companies in the segment:

Ampere will issue token to finance clean energy

Ampere, the Swiss company founded by Brazilians, intends to issue security tokens to finance clean energy projects – wind and solar. The company plans to start the process between the end of this year and the beginning of 2020. They have already mapped 600 MW in clean energy projects in Brazil

Ibedrola registers clean power energy in blockchain

To ensure 100% renewable source of energy consumed in Spain, the electric power company Iberdrola will use the blockchain. Thereby, it will be possible to track the origin of energy from its production to final consumption. The registered energy is originated from the wind farms of Oiz and Maranchón and from San Esteban Hydroelectric plant.