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Many artists, athletes, and entertainment companies are keeping an eye on the monetization opportunity provided by non-fungible tokens.  Recently, NFTs sold to fans and collectors have reached very significant values.

Musician André Abujamra, for example, who recently sold a work in partnership with visual artist Uno de Oliveira, declared to the press that digital assets represent a much more significant opportunity for the artistic community than betting on other music streaming platforms.

“In two weeks, with 80 seconds of music, through NFT, I raised more money than with my entire career with Mulheres Negras, Karnak and André Abujamra. To make a thousand dollars with Spotify, it will take 37 incarnations!” he said in an interview with O Globo newspaper. Produced together with Uno, his first token, Coélhék, was sold for US$ 3.200,00 in ether (ETH).

Ambassador of the

Abujamra was so pleased with the result of the operation with digital assets that he began to promote the first musical NFT platform in Brazil, The idea is that whoever buys a token starts to have not only its exclusivity, but also rights over it.

This means that in addition to investing in the artist’s career, those who buy an NFT on, unlike on other  foreigner’s marketplaces, can choose whether they will receive their share in cryptocurrencies or in real. By the way, this makes this investment much more tangible for some people.

5.000 days, one of the most valuable

The American artist Mike Winkelmann was one of the great highlights in this wave of commercialization of works through NFT. On March 11, a work by Beeple, his artistic name, was auctioned for US$ 69 million on Christie’s auction platform.

The piece Everydays – The First 5000 Days, is a collage of 5 thousand images, one made each day, over about 13 years.

Exclusive versions and tickets

The band Kings of Leon has also gained prominence for selling exclusive versions of the album “When you see yourself”, sold along with tickets to fans. The group has already made about US$ 2 million from the sales.

Cristiano Ronaldo sells NFT for US$ 290,000

Other athletes also have tokens for sale for similar prices. Lautaro Martínez 2020-21, for example, is on sale for US$ 256.000,00, while Unique’s card of Madrid player Martin Ødegaard is on sale for US$ 227.000,00.

Aphex Twin for US$ 127,000

The NFT /Afx/weirdcore contains an exclusive audiovisual piece with sound and image of Richard James, known in the electronic music world as Aphex Twin. In March, the asset was auctioned for 72 ETH, corresponding to US$ 127,000.

Alien Crytopunks

Larva Labs has created about 10 thousand figures that resemble pixelated computer games. Some images represent humanoids, while others can be aliens, monkeys, or even zombies.

Aliens are the rarest of the collection (only 9 units out of 10 thousand). This explains why CryptoPunk #7804 sold for US$ 7.5 million (corresponding to 4,200 ETH). But there are other rare cryptopunks, such as #4156 (650 ETH) and #2890 (605 ETH).

Land at Axie Infinit

The popular blockchain game Axie Infinity allows tokens to be exchanged for fiat currencies, which equals to real money. The goal of the group is to build kingdoms and manage fantastic creatures in an imaginary land known as Lunacia.

Thus, in order to play, acquiring new lands is essential. Can you believe that one of these areas was sold for 888.5 ETH, which corresponds to US$ 1.6 million?

Nyan Cat

Sold for 300 ETH, Chris Torres’ legendary Nyan Cat is a mix of Japanese pop songs and YouTube memes.

The first tweet

The first tweet posted by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was sold for US$ 2.9 million, paid for in cryptocurrency.

The tweet, posted on March 21, 2006, simply says “I am now setting up my twttr”was purchased by Sina Estavi , CEO of Malaysian-based blockchain company Bridge Oracle.

Democratic art

As can be seen, both NFTs and traditional and modern works of art are speculative assets. Thus, they rely on their own cultural ecosystems to be valued.

The interesting thing is that the monetization of the works becomes more democratic, which allows any artist to put their works for sale through the NFT, gaining their audience and being valued by those who want exclusivity and original works.