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Shoppers of a popular Shopping Mall in São Paulo city can now purchase cryptocurrencies during their tour through the stores. The 3xBit inaugurated on January 28 an exchange office that operates with cryptocurrency. The convenient location of the exchange office 3xCâmbio, next to Federal Police post, makes the crypto purchasing an easy task. The idea came from the administration of the mall that offered the space to the company.

The 3xBit already has four other exchange houses, however, but just this works with cryptocurrencies. The company also plans to open more units that must operate with cryptocurrency. Therefore, 3xBit has been expanding its business and recently acquired the company Ninja Exchange. The announcement of the acquisition happened during the Bitconf Summer Edition event in Fortaleza.

The increasing adoption of cryptocurrency among the general public

It’s not just investors who have discovered the cryptocurrencies, ordinary people have also adopted the technology. That’s why stablecoins has grown in adoption, with investors trying to avoid periods of high volatility and ordinary people who use in daily payments. However, this adoption stays at a very early stage in order to know what proportions this movement will have.

Foreign currency exchange houses such as 3x Exchange can become very common in the coming years as demand grows. Many people today exchange their local currency for dollars before making a trip through various countries. Similarly, tourists from various countries can create a habit of purchasing cryptocurrencies before making a trip. Thus, a great change in the financial habits of the population shall happen soon.

The latin news portal Portal do Bitcoin announced the inauguration of the exchange office on January 31 of this year.