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An event held in Rio de Janeiro hosted a digital empowerment workshop for young people at Recode social project. Students learned about the professional crypto market and its related technologies, such as blockchain. The workshop was held in partnership with the Exchange Coinext with the participation of the company’s CEO, José Artur Ribeiro.

Previously the exchange had made a grant in cryptocurrencies for Recode programs. Now, the intention is to transmit knowledge about this new technology to the 30 young participants of the project. The workshop held in São Cristóvão showed through four hours, and entirely for free, the possibilities of the crypto world.

The labor market for crypto technologies in Brazil

Analysts expect strong growth in the volume of labor supply related to crypto technology in the Brazilian market. Therefore, many companies have already invested in promoting training related to this technology. Cardano, for example, recently held a lecture at UEZO university, located in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Some of the world’s crypto multinationals have also sought out professionals specializing in the crypto world among Brazilians. The company Mainframe recently set up an office in São Paulo and started a search for local professionals to be part of its team. That is why the Brazilian labor market seems to be starting to prepare for the upcoming crypto revolution.

The portal portal Bitcoin Portal reported the workshop held by Coinext in the last February 13th.