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Safiri Felix, current advisor to the Brazilian Cryptoeconomy Association (ABCripto), became Transfero Swiss’ new director. Felix took over as director of Products and Partnerships. Transfero is an international company of financial solutions based on blockchain technology and issuer of the BRZ, the first Real-backed stablecoin.

Felix arrives to strengthen the Transfero team and continue the company’s expansion and the development of financial solutions using blockchain.

The new director of Transfero is one of the pioneers of crypto in Brazil

Felix is one of the pioneers in the cryptoasset market in Brazil, and has been working in the area since 2013. He has worked on several projects such as Coinverse and ConsenSys, and until last year as CEO of ABCripto.

“I am happy with the opportunity to join the Transfer team. The cryptoasset market tends to continue its exponential growth along the decade, and I feel like I’m entering the right place to continue collaborating for that growth”, Felix says.