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For those who are interested in the position of diplomat in Brazil, it is now required to have knowledge of the cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the impact of these technologies on the world economy The requirements came from the Instituto Rio Branco and the themes are related to international politics issues.

In order to be approved in the Admission contest of the diplomat career (CACD), the candidates need to go through the first phase, which is composed of 73 questions of right and wrong in eight areas of knowledge. Of this total, twelve will be about international politics. Among these, it is possible that at least one question is linked to cryptocurrencies or blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain on the writing test for diplomat

The next admission contests will be held in September. The topics about cryptocurrencies and blockchain will also be addressed in the writing part of the exam.  This step will occur in the second and final phase of the competition.

This is not the first time a public admission contest requires knowledge about cryptocurrencies. Last year, the bitcoin was the a questioned topic in an admission test for the position of Federal Court judge of the 3rd region.

Monthly salary of R$ 19.000,00

The contest foresees 56 vacancies, being 42 to broad competition. Eleven will be for black candidates, and three for people with some type of disability. The top 200 in the first phase will be approved for the second phase. It is also necessary to be approved in the Portuguese language test.

Those approved in the contest have initial monthly salary of R$ 19,199.06 (gross), still living in Brazil. In addition, they will join in the diplomat initial career position (Third Secretary). The approval shall be according to the ranking order observed and with the number of vacancies offered.

Those approved will be entitled to enrolling on a training course for Diplomats of the Rio Branco Institute. The completion of this course “constitutes an essential condition for the confirmation of the public servant in the Brazilian Foreign Service”.

In order to apply for one of those vacancies, the candidate must be Brazilian born, older than 18 years old and graduated at any higher level. The news was published on the Portal do Bitcoin