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Amazon is developing a cloud service that will allow users to easily manage a blockchain structure. The Amazon Managed Blockchain aims in simplify the process of creating a blockchain, ensuring the core security of the technology. Thus, with his AWS Blockchain Partners, the company pretendes to offer a centralized administration. So, the AWS will offer the security and transparency of this technology as a structure to his cloud service.

This new product uses the blockchain technology as Software as a Service (SaaS), exploring new fields. However, most of the blockchain projects on cloud actually runs as Platform as a Service (PaaS). So, more and more the companies of cloud service will develop new products SaaS based on blockchain technology.

The structure of Amazon’s blockchain works backed by Ethereum framework and Hyperledger Fabric. This structure don’t shows a large innovation as many projects developed last year, but offers divercity to the market. The AWS, Amazon’s cloud service, has sought to exploit the potential of this technology developing new products.

Critics to the Amazon’s project

The idea of build a centralized management to a decentralized structure seems a paradoxical approach. The project was criticized by many specialists on the field, as the Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin. In a article published by Criptonoticias, the project analysed as product that aims marketing strategies with the hype of blockchain.

The Amazon Managed Blockchain joins to the products that uses the crypto technology to benefits his structure. Regardless of the controversies surrounding its purpose, it is important to note Amazon’s recognition of the importance of this technology. As many products in the crypto world, the adoption of the service will shows if the new tools have value of if is just a hype.