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While the cryptoasset market is waiting for a huge price appreciation, the jobs sector is achieving a tremendous growth in the area. According to a Bloomberg survey, the largest job vacancy sites targeting the cryptoasset market have seen a boom in 2021.

The growth in the supply of jobs in the area has also significantly increased the number of paid advertisements on these vacancies. For example, on LinkedIn alone, job postings involving the words “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency” in the United States grew by more than 600%.

Crypto market experiences a new boom

The supply of job openings focused on the cryptoasset market worldwide has grown. In addition to LinkedIn, other platforms have seen impressive growth in offerings over the past 12 months, as reports the site

On this platform, job vacancies increased by 1.500% in 2021 compared to last year’s ads. Bloomberg also cited that has seen more than 100% growth in job and cryptoasset surveys since 2020.

While China restricts the cryptoasset market, the sector is experiencing a long period of hiring. In an interview with Bloomberg, founder Daniel Adler says that since 2017 this is the most significant job growth in the industry he has ever seen.

Adler also said that some companies started 2021 with the goal of increasing the number of employees by 100 percent. “At the beginning of the year, some teams wanted to double in size. That’s the strongest move I’ve seen since the launch of Cryptocurrency Jobs in 2017”. 

According to LinkedIn data, Kraken and Coinbase lead among the top companies hiring in the cryptoasset market. In addition to exchanges, companies in the traditional financial market have hired cryptoasset and blockchain experts, such as KPMG, Paypal, and JPMorgan Chase & Co.