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The year of 2018 tasted an inversion of factors in the crypto market. During the period of highest prices the expectations to cryptocurrencies was equally great, but the technology had issues. However, the scene now changed, with a great increase of the technology, but a very low expectation. The Chef analyst of XDEX, Fernando Ulrich, expressed this opinion at the Brazilian program Bloco Cripto.

According with specialists, the crypto market now border the limit to turn from a bear market to a bull market. The program also has the participation of the economist Richard Rytenband, that analyzed the fall of 80% of bitcoin. He also  projected his behavior to 2019 with an optimist vision.

Many analysts still not realizing the organic behavior of cryptos trying to understand this in the same way of traditional market. According Rytenband, while the traditional market avoid the volatilities as most as they can, cryptoassets uses this to his evolution. Therefore, compared to the gold, bitcoin have different fundamentals and his own history.

The crypto market in Brazil

About the Brazilian crypto market, the analysts highlights that the country still lacks differentiated products. While stock markets as SIX Swiss Exchange and New York Stock Exchange launches products based on cryptocurrencies, the Brazilian market still not moving on this direction. Besides that, Rytenband also highlights that in a future regulatory process, the government need void unnecessary guidelines that will harm the crypto market. So, lastly, both specialists expects the return of a bull market in 2019.

The program Bloco Cripto is published in brazilian economy portal Info Money.