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Play-to-earn games that use blockchain technology are winning the market. Considered the most famous play-to-earn game developed over the ethereum network, Axie Infinity has been ranked one of the 500 most visited websites globally.

According to traffic analysis tool SimilarWeb, the Axie Infinity website reached almost 26 million hits in September 2021. Famous in the Philippines and Brazil, in the Asian country, Axie Infinity’s site ranks 39th among the most visited web addresses last month.

In addition to great relevance on the Internet, the game Axie Infinity has earned a significant investment of US$ 152 million, received during a Series B round of investments on the platform.

With a team of three characters called axies, which cost about 0.5 ether (ETH), players face each other in battles. Known as play-to-earn, Axie Infinity allows monetization of the game through daily rewards of up to US$ 50 for each player.

To maintain this ecosystem, the game has a cryptoasset called Axie Infinity (AXS). For example, in the last six months on the market alone, the AXS token has had a 5,000% appreciation, after rising from US$ 3 to more than US$ 150 in 2021.

This wave of appreciation caused the total market capitalization of the AXS token to reach US$ 30 billion for the first time. With this value, the company behind the blockchain game has been ranked as one of the largest franchises in the gaming industry in the world.

In addition to the cryptoasset AXS, Axie Infinity uses the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token for in-game item trades. Known for offering daily rewards to users who accomplish tasks, players receive between about 200 and 400 units of SLP daily.

Axie Infinity features animated characters like the famous Pokémon, where each axie has specific abilities that are considered a differential during battles in the game.

To participate, the user needs to have a team with three axies. With daily rewards that can reach up to 600 SLP, it is possible to earn up to US$ 1,500 per month playing Axie Infinity daily.