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The bitcoin rose 96.2% in 2019, considering the price in Reais. Which means that those who entered the market at the beginning of the year has almost seen their capital double. The first and largest cryptocurrency closed the year at R$ 29,201, 00. But there is another way to analyze the price of this cryptocurrency: by the annual lows.

In 2019, the annual bitcoin low was almost equal to the previous year’s low, down 0.33%. However, taking into account historical quotes in Reais, the BTC has accumulated an average growth of 101.71% per year since 2013. In addition, 2015 and 2019 were the only years in which the historical low was below the previous year’s. In the two years following 2015, for example, bitcoin lows rose by 243.94% and 60%, respectively.

This means that those who came in and out at the worst possible moments in the market in these two years had still achieved a minimum return of 60%. The price for annual lows also helps visualize the investments that are holding cryptocurrencies, which do not sell in search of a higher valuation.

See the historical lows of bitcoin in reais, according to data.

2013 – R$ 185
2014  – R$ 730,1 (294,65%)
2015  – R$ 453,30 (-37,91%)
2016  – R$ 1.559,1 (243,94%)
2017  – R$ 2.500 (60,35%)
2018  – R$ 12.501,00 (400,04%)
2019  – R$ 12.460,30 (-0,33%)