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Imperatriz Leopoldinense, a Brazilian Samba School, will take the bitcoin to the Brazilian carnival of 2019. The School, one of the most traditional of the carnival of Rio de Janeiro, this year will parade with the theme “Me dá um dinheiro aí!”. This old expression literally means “Give me some money”, but actually refers to an old song of Rio’s carnival. Therefore, the School will tell the history of money, from its creation to its most recent evolution: Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency will have a fantasy dedicated to its representation as described in the web site of the Imperatriz Leopoldinense.

In the synopsis presented on the web site of the School of Samba demonstrates that the parade will pass through important historical moments. Beginning with the classic legends like Robin Hood and King Midas, and explore another important moment across the time. The parade concludes with bitcoin presented as “a digital resource system designed to function as a medium to exchange”.

The recognition of bitcoin as a revolution in the economy

More and more bitcoin has been accepted as a revolution that is changing the global economy. Recently the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt asserted that Ethereum is the most interesting application for the blockchain. Many tech professionals consider Schmidt as one of major influence for the business world of technology companies.

The emphasis on bitcoin in the carnival of Rio de Janeiro shows that the cryptocurrencies already started the process of massification. The ordinary people already know, even superficially, that bitcoin exists and represents a revolution. So when daily payment solutions start using cryptocurrency, may most of people look at it as a natural process