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Bitcoin Gold (BTG) was the best cryptocurrency to invest in for seven days until 04/06/2021, and since January of this year its value multiplied by more than eight times. In the last seven days the rise was 130%, dethroning the Holo token (HOT), which has stood out in recent weeks. In second place was the BitTorrent token (BTT), with upward of 117%. Also noteworthy was Ripple’s (XRP) rise of more than 80%.

BTG originated from a bitcoin fork that occurred in 2017. One of the changes from bitcoin was in the proof-of-work algorithm aiming to democratize the mining access. Thus, the cryptocurrency has the same fundamentals as bitcoin, but can be mined on ordinary GPUs. The price of the asset had been ranging around US$ 10 until January of this year. Now, the asset is worth more than US$ 80.

On the other hand, there is the BTT, token of the P2p file-sharing platform BitTorrent. The platform was purchased in 2019 by TRON blockchain platform. XRP was created for faster and more scalable international transactions. In December last year, following a lawsuit filed by the SEC, the cryptocurrency had a sharp fall, but with the current movement, it has already outperformed that moment – although the lawsuit is still ongoing.

What are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in 2021?

There is no right answer to this question. The best cryptocurrencies to invest in are those that represent a project that will solve some problem associated with the cryptocurrency market.

Within such context, new blockchains, such as Solana, and decentralized exchanges, such as Serum, have set out to provide innovative solutions, either to improve the security, speed, and scalability of blockchains or to provide fully decentralized financial services.

What is the best cryptocurrency broker?

The cryptocurrency brokerage market is increasingly competitive. There are several platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Since they are not regulated, the user should look for the most reliable platforms with the highest liquidity. In Brazil, the largest exchanges are Foxbit, Mercado Bitcoin, Binance, and NovaDax.

However, there are other platforms abroad that offer a much wider range of financial services, such as FTX, which accepts deposits directly in Brazilian reals, and Bittrex, which has the BRZ listed.