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The tension of the war involving Russia and Ukraine led BTC to trade below US$ 35,000, reinforcing investors’ fears. However, following the economic sanctions that Russia suffered after the attacks, BTC quickly appreciated, returning to a level above US$ 42,700.

Source: TradingView

In Transfero’s assessment, this may have been a sign that both the Russian government and citizens sought safety in the crypto market, showing that bitcoin can indeed be used as a store of value and protection against political/economic crises.

“The windows of opportunity for trading the asset in the short term are evidenced between prices of US$ 42.7 thousand and US$ 37.5 thousand. It is worth pointing out that this political/economic war scenario brings a lot of uncertainty to the market, so it is important to keep an eye on the main trading points explained in the chart above”, alerted Transfero’s Asset team.

Source: Crypto Fear & Greed Index

In the last seven days, ending March 4, the Fear & Greed index has fallen some more, highlighting investors’ fear of war. However, according to analysts, the index change is somewhat “unstable” in a three-month period, which shows that overall the market is a bit unsettled.

“This sentiment, although it looks bad, is what can define the best buying opportunities”, Transfero pointed out.

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