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Bitcoin has received some important acknowledgment from Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Recently, the engineer said in an interview with U.Today that the cryptoasset could be considered “pure gold” in the market.

Although he criticized the release of numerous malicious cryptoassets, the Apple co-founder said that bitcoin represents “the mathematics of pure gold” due to its decentralized system of transactions confirmation on the network.

Soon after praising bitcoin, Steve Wozniak outlined concerns about new cryptoassets that can collect money from users without any purpose behind the project. To him, anyone can create a digital currency and launch it on the crypto market.

Steve Wozniak also talked about platforms that operate in the crypto market, comparing it to Apple. However, according to the engineer, it would be difficult to identify a new Apple among today’s startups.

“They could be another Apple, but you can’t see it yet. There’s no way to calculate it on a spreadsheet”.

This is not the first time that the co-founder of Apple has spoken out about the crypto market. During an interview in October 2021, Steve Wozniak stated that government control in the face of bitcoin would increase through taxation and legislation specific to the crypto sector.

“The issue is that the government is never going to allow this to get out of their control. Governments simply would not allow that”.