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According to Transfero’s research team, in the last seven days (ended August 12) there were no significant movements in the bitcoin price.

“There is a solid fight between buyers and sellers in the US$ 24,000 region, making this race for the best price fierce”, the analysts said. According to the team, this shows there is still the possibility of pricing between US$ 26,500 and US$ 27,000.

“When – and if – this price is reached, we will need to set the alert for future moves, as the longer-term trend is still bearish”, they explained.

Finally, Transfero analysts emphasize the importance of using the confluence of charts with different periodicities to make the best choices when trading assets.

Chart generated by TradingView

“It is very smart to use not only the daily but also the weekly and monthly period to conduct these studies and understand the behavior of asset prices at different horizons.”

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