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He has increasingly contributed to the reorganization potential of the crypto market worldwide. We’re talking about Dan Tapiero, co-founder of Gold Bullion International. In an interview with Raoul Pal, for the Real Vision Channel, he explained why he sees the bitcoin as the investment of the future, even in the face of a possible recession.

In the view of Tapiero, future generations can remember the creation of the internet as an important step in the construction of this new currency system, rather than considering it as a factor of greater centralization for a small group of companies.

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if the internet was just the basis to allow the structure of the bitcoin to exist? Thus, in the end, the role of the Internet would have been to sustain and maintain the bitcoin in the world. So the internet would have been created for the invention of this new system”, he questioned.

He stated that he began investing and researching on the bitcoin when the currency fell by 85%. According to Tapiero, it was at that moment that he realized it was a great invention.

“This is not a coin. It’s a system”.

In addition, he defines the bitcoin and gold as “alternative currencies” and says both are like “cousins”. “If they are presented as the invention of a new system, and if they are articulated in the right way, it would be possible to make the adoption easier and faster”, he says.

Investment of the future

For Tapiero, the bitcoin has the potential to be the biggest investment option of the future, with great relevance in the economy, because it is a completely different independent investment.

Tapiero also emphasizes that the bitcoin could be an element of economic development and with great potential for the generation of jobs. “Some companies have brilliant ideas, but they do not have enough customers. There is plenty of room for creative professionals, marketing and sales in this industry”.

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