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The Switzerland was recently the meeting place for more than 200 hackers from 19 countries. With the purpose of stimulating the digital entrepreneurship using cutting-edge technologies, the country promoted the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon. Held in Zurich, the event was promoted by the blockchain Trust Square, in partnership with the Bitcoin Association Switzerland, the business incubator based in Zug, CV Labs, the Crypto Valley Association, the Swiss Blockchain Federation and the Swiss ICT.

The participants presented innovative projects of blockchain in various sectors such as finance, logistics and agriculture. The event has the presence of systems programmers who work in legal and business sectors as well as NGOs. Thus, the teams compete in a dynamic environment, looking for the best solutions to the challenges set out by the Hackathon, which must be solved in a short time.

With the blockchain theme, this edition of the Hackathon reflects the growing reputation of Switzerland as a blockchain global centre. The meeting was supported by several Swiss universities and a number of companies. Among them, Amazon Web Services, the logistics giant Panalpina and the Swiss Post. Zurich authorities were also supporters.

Award in Switzerland recognized the best blockchain projects with 25 thousand Swiss francs

The main prize of 25 thousand Swiss francs was divided between two winners, in the areas of Agriculture & Food and Mobility. As a result, one of the winners was the Times Blockbyte, who developed a blockchain solution for land-lease agreements. The other project, which had impressed the judges, was the #velove app, developed by Axelra. The project rewards people who ask to work with cryptocurrencies.

Among the finalists, there was the team of the federal Institute of technology ETH Zurich, which has developed an electronic application for the Governments to create and sign petitions. On the other hand, the Kuznyechik group won the Finances category, for its asset valuation project without financial history.

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In addition, the winner of category Supply Chain was the Elastonians. The company introduced a method of tracking goods. There was also the delivery service project of the OSB, which won the challenge Intelligent Parcel.

With solutions for different niches and utilities, the blockchain event in Switzerland showed that the new technologies already exist and are on going in the real world. The information came from the portal Swissinfo.