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Crypto Valley, a region that shelters several blockchain firms located in the canton of Zug, Switzerland, is expanding northward, specifically to Zurich, a traditional economic hub that gathers a third of the banks in Switzerland, according to a report published in Coindesk.

Zurich is a city with a large number of technology companies. In all, it is estimated that there are 150 companies related to the blockchain technology. And that interest has been growing to the southernmost canton.

The growth is being driven by the action of the Crypto Valley Association (CVA). Formed by fintechs and people connected to technology, the association has a strong lobby with Swiss regulators. The association has already presented more than 14 laws.

Crypto Valley closes partnership to expand blockchain in Zurich

Recently, CVA has partnered with Zurich Tourism, responsible for marketing the region. Together, the two entities intend to bring awareness, tourism and blockchain businesses to Zurich. The agreement also provides for a memorandum of understanding to expand the Swiss blockchain ecosystem.

Zurich Tourism will be responsible for capturing newcomers companies and entrepreneurs in the country for conferences and events. In this way, Zurich Tourism Relationship Manager, Vanessa Reis, believes the relationship with companies can be successful. “On our side, we can support CVA in sponsorships, events planning, research and attraction of international guests, because this is where we have the network”, he said.