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EY (Ernst & Young) has partnered with Microsoft to create a blockchain-based platform to fight cancer and provide individualized treatment for each patient. Named Pointellis, the platform may be available in Brazil later this year, according to Cointelegraph.

The goal is to meet the specific treatment needs of each cancer patient. The platform uses the technology for electronic certification and data storage. And this facilitates the transfer of information between unaffiliated entities, such as hospitals, laboratories and logistics centers.

 “By maintaining the chain of custody and identity from the first obtaining of tissue and blood samples from a patient, to the administration of treatment and long-term monitoring, Pointellis helps cancer patients receive their individual treatment faster and safer” the company said in a statement.

Blockchain helps customize cancer therapy

EY also reiterated that individualized therapies can significantly improve the results of cancer patients. In addition to connecting patient data and centers linked to the disease treatment, the platform gathers ecosystem information from the entire treatment chain.

The optimized data use and the evolution of technology are welcomed and seen positively, mainly because the amount of patients grows considerably. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the number of people with cancer is expected to reach 23 million worldwide by 2030.

In some countries, the blockchain technology is already bringing benefits to the health sector. Studies even show that data screening can be a major ally in case of containment and monitoring of diseases such as coronavirus.