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Gemini’s report on global crypto adoption shows that Brazil has recorded substantial growth in new crypto investors in 2021. According to the research, these new users represent 51% of the total number of investors in the crypto market.

As in Brazil, in Hong Kong 51% of respondents have entered the crypto market in the last year.

Both countries had the highest rates of new crypto investors. Gemini also highlights high adoption in India, where 64% of users are considered new users.

The survey also pointed out a strong correlation between the increase in crypto adoption and the dollar’s appreciation against fiat currencies.

According to the Gemini report, the adoption of digital currencies is highest in countries where fiat currency has lost more than 50% of its value in recent years. Countries such as Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India have shown an increase in cryptoasset adoption recently.

Although the female presence is still small in the crypto market, gender data shows that women have been investing more in digital currencies since 2021.

Globally, 47% of female respondents confirmed an interest in buying cryptocurrencies for the first time. This rate swings positively in countries like Israel and Indonesia, where 51% of new crypto investors are female.

In Nigeria, for example, 50% of new crypto market users are female, while in the United States (32%), Europe (33%), and Australia (27%) women’s presence represents lower rates.