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Statista recently released a new study on adopting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) worldwide. Like Thailand, Brazil was found to be one of the biggest countries in the number of users who own NFTs.

In total, there are almost 5 million Brazilians with NFTs. In second place in the ranking, Brazil is second only to Thailand, with 5.65 million users in this market.

The data represents the movement of NFTs in the market in 2021. Right after Brazil comes the United States in third place, with 3.81 million users who own non-fungible tokens.

China takes fourth place in the Statista survey ranking. In the country, there are 2.68 million users in the NFT market. Meanwhile, Vietnam has 2.19 million token collectors and ranks fifth on the list.

Statista’s ranking shows the ten countries with the highest adoption of NFTs. According to the report, India is in sixth place, with 1.5 million users in the market. Canada is in seventh place, with 1.4 million investors in the sector.

Finally, the list brings Indonesia with 1.25 million, in eighth place. The ninth and tenth positions are occupied by Germany and South Africa, respectively. Therefore, in 2021 the two countries registered 1.23 million users of NFTs.

The market for non-fungible tokens experienced a real boom and went viral in 2021. With the launch of major projects on the market and crypto asset investors’ significant adoption, NFTs moved US$134 billion in the last year.