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The trading volume of bitcoins in Brazil showed an important growth in 2021. According to the CoinTraderMonitor report, almost 410,000 units of the cryptoasset were traded between January and December last year.

In total, a 16.77% growth in bitcoin trading was recorded compared to 2020. That year, more than 315,000 units of the cryptoasset were traded on the Brazilian market.

With the price of bitcoin hitting records in the last year, the growth in financial volume in reais is even more significant.

The BTC/BRL trading volume grew 417.07%, thanks to bitcoin accumulating almost 70% appreciation in the last year. If in 2020 the Brazilian crypto market traded around R$ 20 billion, in 2021, this figure exceeded R$103 billion.

According to CointraderMonitor, Brazilians traded the most bitcoins on May 19, 2021, with more than 6,100 units of the digital currency traded.

In addition to recording the total trading volume of bitcoin, the CoinTraderMonitor survey presents the exchanges that transacted the most cryptoasset in 2021.

In the first place, Binance is the exchange most used by Brazilians to buy and sell bitcoin. In total, the platform traded more than 122,000 bitcoins, almost 30% of the entire market.

In the second place, the BitPreço marketplace accounted for 13.41% of the volume, with 54,900 units of the cryptoasset traded. Finally, in third place in the CoinTraderMonitor ranking, the Bitcoin Marketplace traded 54,016 bitcoins in the same period.