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Now, Brazilians can already use BRZ stablecoin to buy shares of technology giants. That’s because the FTX platform announced the listing of new digital assets, including synthetic paper tokens from major companies in the sector.

Since November 2, tokens paired with shares of Tesla, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, and Alphabet, the owner of Google, are available at FTX. As the platform also operates with BRZ, it will be possible to use the stablecoin based in reais to buy the shares.

BRZ buys papers from tech giants turned into tokens

FTX explains that the trades do not involve the shares themselves but rather shares transformed into tokens. These, in turn, are paired with shares of companies held in custody by CM-Equity.

The company also reminds us that it is necessary to go through KYC (know your client) level 2 to trade these shares.

The company will also conduct a vote among users to choose the next digital assets to enter the exchange list.

User needs special registration

The first step to trading these assets is to become KYC level 2 in FTX. It could take up to a day. So it is necessary to forward this information to CM-Equity. This process can take up to two days —but it’s faster if the account is personal and not institutional, the company explains. There is also a questionnaire about the user experience to then release the operation.

According to FTX’s statement, trading takes place “in the same way as you do with spot markets. Rates, API usage and GUI instructions are the same”. And negotiations can be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Transfero Swiss’s partnership with FTX began in May this year. In September, the Hong Kong-based platform changed its rates, such as withdrawals in Real, and became even more attractive to Brazilian investors.