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The Brazilian Digital Token (BRZ) was recently integrated into the digital assets trading platform for institutional and corporate clients, Finery Markets. With the new listing, the stablecoin with a price pegged to the Brazilian Real expands its presence in the institutional financial market. In addition, FinchTrade will be the liquidity provider responsible for quoting the BRZ/USDT and BRZ/BTC currency pairs.

Through Finery Markets, institutional investors will be able to trade the BRZ in a highly liquid payments-driven environment. Considered the first global crypto-native multi-dealer platform in the crypto market, Finery Markets has a robust infrastructure and complete automation in its digital assets tradings.

BRZ participates in the growth of the Brazilian crypto market

Developed by Transfero Group, BRZ consolidates as a bridge between the global crypto market and Brazil. The stablecoin with prices pegged to the Brazilian Real has been operating on the international market since its creation in 2019.

The CEO of Transfero Group, Thiago César, highlights that the company’s goal is to democratize the financial market’s access to digital assets with BRZ. Currently, the platform develops initiatives aimed at institutional and retail investors.

“Our first clients were from outside Brazil, so we´ve always acted as an international company with a global mindset. Today, we work to facilitate and provide better access to digital assets for both individual and institutional investors”.

Brazil was named the fifth largest crypto market globally in 2021 by the number of users. Consequently, the adoption of digital assets is growing exponentially in the country, which increases the interest of platforms like Finery Markets, says CEO and co-founder Konstantin Shulga.

“We will continue to expand our geographic presence to support the growing adoption of payments with crypto assets. The addition of BRZ will empower all of our clients in the payments industry to gain access to the Brazilian market and strengthen their global presence”.

More than ten million Brazilians invest in digital assets like BRZ. In 2021 alone, Brazil’s crypto market moved more than R$103 billion, representing a 400% growth compared to the previous year.

This rapid growth influences the adoption of BRZ globally considered the largest non-dollar fiat stablecoin on the market. In addition, the digital asset will allow FinchTrade’s insertion into the Brazilian crypto sector, highlights the platform’s board adviser, Charlie Walker.

“Launching in fast-growing markets like Brazil is the cornerstone of our global expansion roadmap. The essence of blockchain technology is supra-national, and we are happy to be among the companies bringing blockchain adoption to people worldwide”.