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The BRZ was listed on Bitget, one of the most important exchanges in the world. The listing allows Brazilians to hold balances in Brazilian reais on an international platform and access hundreds of crypto asset pairs, with transfers directly via Pix, the Brazilian rapid transfer system. At the same time, the BRZ allows Bitget to access the growing Brazilian crypto market organically.

“With this partnership, Bitget eases the communication of the Brazilian user with the platform, allowing automatic deposits in the user’s wallet at the exchange”, points out Bitget’s Marketing Manager for Latin America, Caio Nascimento. “The great advantage for the Brazilian user is being able to maintain a currency at the exchange pegged to their national currency, instead of being exposed to the dollar or another crypto asset”, he adds.

Bitget’s user base is over two million users, and the daily trading volume of futures is US$ 8 billion per day on average. The platform trades 294 spot pairs and 69 perpetuals and offers investors the innovative copy trade modality – in which the user has access to the strategy of professional traders to receive yields.

Future Expansion to Solana

Initially, the BRZ will be traded on the ERC-20 format, but there are plans to soon integrate with the Solana blockchain. “This is another important advancement for BRZ, being listed on such an important and innovative platform. We believe that stablecoins will increasingly play this role in democratizing access to the crypto market”, says Carlos Eduardo Russo, CFO of Transfero.

The BRZ is the world’s largest non-dollar pegged stablecoin. Integrated with the blockchains of Ethereum, Solana, Stellar, Algorand, and Binance Smart Chain, it allows users to access dozens of national and international platforms and maintain balances in reais on these platforms.