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This week, CoinPayments, a payment gateway present in more than 160 countries, announced the listing of the BRZ stablecoin. As a result, users will now have access to payments in about 500,000 business premises, as well as 10,000 e-commerces around the world.

“The entry of BRZ will be an additional facility for national merchants, who can choose to receive in crypto or in real, with lower fees than those charged by credit and debit card companies, securely and transparently”, said the company’s Business Manager in Brazil, Rubens Neistein, citing that the fee charged by CoinPayments is 0.5%. “In Brazil, we already have more than a thousand stores using this payment system”, he said. Last year, the platform moved US$ 75 million in the country.

For users, the novelty is to allow the use of BRZ in international purchases, in a simple and agile way, without the need to carry out a foreign exchange operation.

Solution for payments without intermediaries

Payments are made through CoinPayments’ integration with fintech company Shipay. Entrepreneurs interested in adopting the solution can simply open a digital account (wallet) at CoinPayments to receive the amounts. Customers make the payment using the desired digital currency, and the corresponding amount is transferred directly to the retailer’s account.

To acquire BRZ, the world’s leading non-dollar backed stablecoin, the best option is the Transfero platform. In addition to CoinPayments, the stablecoin is already listed on several exchanges, such as FTX and