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The listing of the BZR on Bittrex was featured in the Epa Channel, one of the most well known and humorous on the national cryptocurrencies market. Grandpa Epa, the main character of the channel, presented the project, highlighted its advantages and possible uses and also heard from the CEO of Transfero, Thiago Cesar.

Besides the BRZ, Grandpa Epa also spoke about the stablecoins and other altcoins that  are helping citizens in countries with financial instability. All in all, he gave a lesson on stablecoins and its possible uses.

 “That’s what has been happening in Venezuela and in Colombia, for example. In these scenarios, the cryptocurrencies can assist in transactions of people and companies.

For those who are more conservative and fear that the cryptoassets interfere with the inflation, the stablecoins can be a good option”, stated Grandpa Epa.

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