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The event brought together experts who discussed bitcoin and new trends in the crypto market, such as the rise of non-fungible tokens, gamecoins, and the future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

In addition to inaugurating the events calendar in Latin America on cryptoassets, Labitconf 2021 takes place in the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin as legal tender, which makes all the difference.

Bitcoin is not restricted to the lecture halls or the hundreds of participants of the event. In El Salvador, bitcoin has become synonymous with money, and this transformation can be seen on the streets.

Businesses accept the cryptoasset as a form of payment, some citizens are using the digital currency to make purchases, and this trend will continue after Labitconf 2021 comes to an end.

According to Safiri Felix, director of products and partnerships at Transfero, bitcoin is already a reality on the streets of El Salvador. Although adherence to digital currency is not so massive, it is possible to use the cryptoasset to make payments even in supermarkets.

“There are many talks (about bitcoin), especially in the larger stores, the retail chains, so they all already have the integration working. We’ve done some experiments with payments in supermarkets, malls, and street shops, and everything has worked properly”.

Representing Transfero and BRZ Token, Safiri Felix told about his experience at the event that brought together big names in the global crypto market. Attendees were interested to learn how the largest stablecoin on the market works pegged to real.

El Salvador received Labitconf 2021, three months after declaring bitcoin as legal tender. The event began on November 15, 2021, bringing together hundreds of people during six days of programming with lectures and exhibitions, coming to an end on Saturday (20).