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As several artists and famous people in sports are joining the sale of exclusive works through NFT (non-fungible tokens), now it is the turn of technology columnist Kevin Roose of the New York Times to get into the business. Last March 25, his article “Buy This column on the Blockchain” raised US$ 560,000.00 at auction.

“Why can’t a journalist join the NFT party too? So I decided to turn this column into an NFT and sell it on the open market”, Roose wrote in the column. For the time being, the text is still available on the newspaper’s web page

However, the entire amount raised goes to The Neediest Cases Fund of the New York Times, an institution that channels the funds to charity.

NFT appreciation

The item went on sale on the Foundation platform for a minimum of US$ 800. However, in the last half hour of the auction the price skyrocketed, and the winner was Dubai producer 3F Music.

In addition to the column in digital version, the buyer will receive an audio congratulations from journalist Michael Barbaro, host of the podcast “The Daily”, in addition to participating in a follow-up article on the sale of the NFT.

The auctioned text, “Buy this article on Blockchain”, addresses the growth of the non-fungible token market in a humorous way, and explains how was the process to turn it into NFT.