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The third halving of bitcoin started earlier this week, surrounded by much celebration. After all, from the event, the cryptocurrency became scarcer and more protected against the loss of value inherent in fiat currencies in the face of the performance of the issuers. And that’s what some of the main influencers in the cryptocurrency area highlighted on Twitter, their favorite social network. Here’s what each one said:

Morgan Creek Capital co-founder and partner Anthony Pompliano, or simply Pomp, compared the halving as opposed to the monetary loosening promoted by the Fed, the U.S. central bank.

The youtuber Eric Carl Martin moved in the same direction, adding that no government can prevent the cryptocurrency to be subject of monetary constraint.

He also pointed out that bitcoin inflation from halving is officially lower than gold inflation, a precious metal scarce in nature that has served over the years as a crisis protection asset.

Cameron Winklevoss, founder of the first fully regulated U.S. exchange, highlighted the message left in block 629,999 on the bitcoin blockchain in honor of bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and with a critique regarding the Fed.

His brother and also partner at Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss, said that gold has always been the natural hedge against inflation, but before the invention of the internet and bitcoin.

Even the enthusiast of Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency created from one of bitcoin’s forks, celebrated the halving of the rival currency, but not without criticizing the high transfer rates of the asset.