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Around the world people are in need of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this time at home, one of the options to get busy is through online blockchain courses, which can be a good opportunity to become a cryptomarket expert, studying about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In some cases, it is not necessary prior knowledge, it is only important that the English language is well understood. Here are some online course options related to blockchain technology.

Coursera: “Blockchain Revolution Specialization”

Rated by digital e-learning hub Defynd as the best blockchain certification course, Coursera’s Blockchain Revolution course series is designed to introduce students to the blockchain for business, government and society. The courses are taught by Don Tapscott, a globally recognized speaker and executive director of the Blockchain Research Institute, and Alex Tapscott, author of the best-selling book “Blockchain Revolution” and the new publication “Financial Services Revolution”.

No prior programming experience is required to take the course. Students only need to have 8 to 12 free hours per week to devote themselves to the program.

Udacity: “Become a blockchain developer”

With the growth of blockchain technology around the world, the demand for developers is also increasing significantly. Udacity’s course: “Become a Blockchain Developer” allows students to create their own private blockchain. In addition, the program teaches you how to protect digital assets using blockchain identity. Participants will also be able to explore the Ethereum platform and use Solidity and smart contracts to develop a decentralized app, known as DApp.

During the course, students will create a decentralized application that will allow them to create, sell, and transfer ownership of a token (CryptoStar) on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts and the non-fungible token pattern (ERC-721).

Hyperledger and Linux Foundation: Blockchain training courses

Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation offer an entire catalog of blockchain training courses, including five completely free, offered in partnership with EdX. The most popular of the free introductory courses are: LFS170 – Blockchain: Understanding its uses and “LFS171 Implications – Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies”. In this way, courses help students understand exactly what a blockchain is and its potential to enable changing around the world. Students who complete both free courses are also eligible to receive a professional blockchain certificate for EdX business.

Udemy: “Win and learn” program

Udemy, a global e-learning market, offers more than 2,000 bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain-related courses. The e-learning giant has also partnered with Lolli, a bitcoin rewards platform, to provide its users with tools to learn about this crypto, finance and other topics related to decentralized cryptography.

Other course options to learn about crypto

In addition to the courses listed above by CoinTelegraph, Class Central offers a database of 95 blockchain courses and 66 cryptocurrency courses. There is also a new app, called Bitcoin Lessons, aimed at educating the younger generation in bitcoin. The first four lessons are free and students can earn bitcoins upon completion of the course. The cryptocurrency investment app Abra has also just launched a free 10-day course on crypto.