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Renowned chef, Rafa Costa e Silva, is opening a new restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Expected to open in July 2022, the premises will accept crypto payments.

The adoption of crypto assets is increasing in Rio de Janeiro, considered a hub for crypto companies. In addition to platforms, businesses like chef Rafa Costa e Silva’s new restaurant are driving the use of digital currencies.

Before announcing the new restaurant, Chef Rafa Costa e Silva ran Lasai. He will also lead the new premises focused on the crypto market.

Called Crypto Kitchen, the restaurant is the result of a great deal of research by the chef. He saw a huge potential in crypto assets that can be explored in the new business.

With one star in the Michelin guide, Rafa Costa e Silva has decided to open a restaurant focused on the crypto market in Leblon. The business will operate in the same building as a Brazilian crypto fund manager.

Besides enjoying dishes prepared by the chef at the Crypto Kitchen, visitors will be able to see an exhibition of digital art, which will be displayed in a hall next to the restaurant.

Crypto Kitchen has not yet informed which crypto assets can be used as a form of payment at the restaurant. In addition to the Leblon location, a crypto-themed restaurant will also open in New York City in 2023