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The success of the bitcoin is not only among investors in general. The leading cryptocurrency also makes up the reserve of publicly traded companies on stock exchanges. In all, 13 of the companies with shares traded on the stock exchange have bitcoins indicated on their balance sheets, according to Bitcoin Treasuries data, analyzed by DeCrypt. Together, their reserves totaled 598,237 bitcoins, almost R$ 39 billion, according to the day’s rulling price when this report was written.

In the account  not only the bitcoins that belong to the companies are considered, but also those that they keep on behalf of their investors. In this list is included for example the manager Grayscale Investment.

That’s why Grayscale tops the list of publicly traded companies with the most bitcoins in its possession, with a total of 449,596 bitcoins, when the Bitcoin Treasuries listing was made. That is, more than R$ 29 billion. However, DeCrypt reminds that none of this total belongs to it, as the assets are only under its management.

Soon after comes the investment firm Coinshares, with 69,730 bitcoins. The software company and cloud service provider Microstrategy closes the podium. It has a total of 38,250 bitcoins.

Companies increase bitcoin investment

It is noteworthy that the total bitcoin in the reserves of companies fluctuates constantly. But recently, it has had significant growth. In August and September, Microstrategy alone bought US$ 425 million in bitcoin, as informs

Another one that increased bitcoin reserves was Square, payment solutions company. It has Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey among its executives. In early October, the company announced the purchase of US$ 50 million in bitcoins. According to Bitcoin Treasuries ranking, Square holds 4,709 bitcoins.

“We believe that bitcoin has the potential to be a more ubiquitous currency in the future”, said Amrita Ahuja, Square’s chief financial officer, in a statement at the time.