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Brazil has a favorable environment for developing new businesses in the financial area. In addition to open banking, the country is one of the only ones in the world to have a 24-hour no-fee bank transfer system, such as Pix, which, since its introduction, has had a massive adoption among the population. And crypto assets are not left out of this scenario.

All these topics will be discussed during Payment Revolution by StartSe, an event in São Paulo, between September 20 and 21. To represent the crypto sector and present BRZ, a stablecoin pegged to the real, Transfero will participate in some panels, discussing issues such as innovation, decentralized finance, and financial freedom.



The event, promoted by StartSe, an education platform focused on the new economy, will bring together more than 30 national and international experts to talk about what to expect from the payments market in the future, including new technologies, innovation, culture, and consumer protagonism.

Check out Transfero’s participation in Payment Revolution

Among the selected themes at Payment Revolution are several determining issues for the future of companies in the sector, such as the use of Big Data and Analytics (both to better understand the consumer profile and for credit score analysis), new trends and challenges to ensure security and the use of crypto assets as a means of payment.

Today, September 20, Transfero’s New Ventures director, Rodrigo Stallone, discusses the challenges and regulation of crypto assets in Brazil. Then, on Wednesday, September 21, the company’s CFO, Carlos Russo, will address the role of stablecoins, the financial freedom provided by DeFi, and what should be the “future of money” as people know it today.

Also, on Wednesday, September 21, the CEO of Transfero, Thiago Cesar, will present a global overview of the crypto market, presenting some trends – and also the challenges – of this market.

The event will take place at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo, on September 20 and 21. For registration and the complete program, check out the details here.