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The ATM market for exchanges between cryptocurrencies and fiat money may grow 46.6% per year by 2024, according to a study by Research and Markets. Thus, this market should reach US$ 183,779 million that year. In 2018, the value was US$ 18,513 million, is one of the main facilitators of access to cryptocurrency.

Most terminals are concentrated in North America and Europe, where the adoption of cryptocurrencies is higher. However, the popularity of this equipment has increased a lot also in the Asia-Pacific region. This region has been attracting several crypto technology companies that already develop specific products for the region.

The study is based on positive indicators of the crypto market. However, regulatory issues may still threaten optimism, as several countries still do not regulate these assets.

ATM terminals in Latin America

With the financial crisis and rising inflation in Latin America, the demand for ATMs is growing in the region. Argentina has received several terminals and presents an increasing demand. In addition, Athena Bitcoin installed terminals on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, also targeting the same public. Therefore, the financial crisis in the countries of Latin America can further boost the market for electronic terminals.