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The Crypto Country Association was launched on Friday (18/10). The organization will be dedicated to supporting the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors in Liechtenstein. Located between Austria and Switzerland, the country offers a widely diversified and stable business location with more than 4300 active companies and around 36000 workplaces.

The Association seeks to coordinate the dissemination of these ideas in the region and also abroad, aiming to guarantee the same quality standards. To achieve this goal, the Executive Board has declared itself available to members of the association and to third parties who want to obtain information and need support in their business.

In addition, the Crypto Country Association maintains close contact with the government, other entities and the sector’s representatives. The institution will be led by president Thomas Nägele. The following will be members of the Council: Klaus Stark, general director of Ganten Treuhand in Liechtenstein; Mauro Casellini, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse; Tobias Fitz, Co-Founder of and Philipp Büchel, who actively works in the blockchain technology since 2001.

Lichtenstein is among the countries with the most advanced regulation in cryptocurrencies, including security tokens.