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Cryptocurrency staking or stake consists of locking in some cryptoassets and receiving “rewards” for it. This has been an investment alternative after the boom of DeFi platforms. Besides helping in the process of validating the blocks of the currencies that work in proof-of-stake.

One of the platforms that allow you to stake cryptocurrencies is FTX. The platform supports the stake of the native FTT token, which gives some advantages to the user. These include referral bonuses, maker rate discounts, additional voting power, and rewards via airdrop.

Here’s how to do the FTT stake on the platform:

Step 1 – Access and choose your FTT pair.


Step 2 – Go to the FTT page ( or click “FTT” on the top bar.


Step 3 – Scroll down to “Stake FTT” and click on “Stake.”


Step 4 – Enter the value and click on “Stake.