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Crypto Valley Venture Capital (CVVC), a venture capital investment firm focused on blockchain projects, will hold the 4th CV Summit Summit – Real Estate on March 27 at the Casino Theater in Zug, Switzerland. The event, which takes place twice a year in the Crypto Valley, will bring together approximately one thousand crypto industry leaders, including C-level executives (CEOs, CFOs, etc.), investors and founders. Among the confirmed speakers are CEO of Transfero Swiss AG, Thiago César.

With the main theme BUIDL Towards Crypto Spring, the industry leaders meeting will have one main event and four side events. The acronym BUIDL is a variation of the HODL, which means “Hold On for Dear Life” and refers to an investment strategy. BUIDL, created by  Ivan Liljeqvist (from Ivan on Tech), means “Build useful stuff”. Everything to do with the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies.

One day before the main event, also in Zug, will be held the Open Labs and the Competition Day at CV Labs. This is a prize of US$ 100 thousand for the company that presents the best blockchain application in real estate. The award also includes a year of office space and professional coaching. The submission of the projects was until December 31, 2018. On that day also the cocktail and pre-registration of the main event will be held.

The main event day will feature several lectures and panels on blockchain and solutions related to cryptocurrencies. Among them, the BUIDL panel, CV 50 Top Report, which will talk about new startups in the Crypto Valley and custody solutions. Besides that, the important panel “Crypto – a new asset class for family offices and institutional investors?” and the panel “How can a blockchain help the UN achieve its sustainable development goals?” will be held.


The CEO of Transfero will give a panel presentation about stablecoins. Also in the same panel is Alexander Berentsen, from the University of Basel; Eduardo Salazar, CEO of Forctis; and Armin Schmid, CEO of Swiss Crypto Tokens. The opening will feature the Mayor of Zug, Karl Kobelt. Several other executives will give lectures during the event.

You can access the entire event schedule here

In the previous edition, some of the highlights were Luis Cuende, founder of Aragon; Niklas Nikolajsen, co-CEO and president of Bitcoin Suisse; Ryan Jesperson, president of Tezos Foundation; Johann Schneider-Ammann, Swiss Federal Councilor; Charles Hoskinson, CEO and founder of IOHK, Cardano and Ethereum; and Paul Kohlhaas, Director of Partnerships at Consensys.

The event is an excellent opportunity to know the technological innovations of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Enthusiasts can also networking with leaders and representatives of the crypto ecosystem, and discussing topics of relevance to the community.