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The portfolio of the Swiss Venture Capitalist CV VC has become an investable asset through a partnership between CV VC, MRB Vermögensverwaltungs AG (MRB) and GenTwo Digital. The AMC is a Swiss-compliant security with a Swiss ISIN code and thus fully bankable and transferable.

The Actively Managed Certificate (AMC) provides access to CV VC’s investment strategy with a focus on global startups that build promising applications based on Blockchain Technology.

The early-stage investment company and incubator CV VC is a key player and investor in Crypto Valley. CV VC has reviewed over 2’000 Blockchain projects and startups during the last two years and has invested in the most promising projects from all over the world.

CV VC portfolio is formed by blockchain startups

Startups receive funds in return for equity and benefit from an on-site incubation program in Crypto Valley, where proven entrepreneurs, experts, and mentors teach and coach them over the course of three months. Through CV Labs, the company also provides advisory services, maintains co-working spaces in Zug, Vaduz and Dubai that host over 140 companies, and organizes industry-specific conferences.

MRB and CV VC offer qualified investors – including institutional investors like asset managers, banks and corporates, as well as family offices – the opportunity to participate in its continuously growing portfolio. The AMC is based on CV VC’s ecosystem and Blockchain investment expertise and makes the Crypto Valley and its promising startups an investable asset.

The investment portfolio will focus on what CV VC considers “Technolgies for Tomorrow”: end-markets and applications that are expected to grow over-proportionally in the future, driven largely by today’s socio-economic trends. As such, investments will focus on six verticals: Future of Work, E-Commerce & Logistics, Lifestyle & Health, Security & Identity, Education & Science and Finance & Investing. Blockchain technology is expected to serve as a catalyst for innovative solutions across all of these sectors.

Blockchain is one of the technology megatrends of the future, with independent consultants forecasting that its business value-add will reach a staggering USD 3.1 trillion by 2030.