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Although the profitability of fixed income investments is falling, it is still possible to find alternatives to ensure gains.  The opinion is from experts who participated in the first day of MoneyWeek, live that debated the cut of the Selic rate.

“You need to study a little more to look for the best options”, said Camila Dolle, fixed income analysis coordinator of XP Investimentos..

The guidance is that people start studying, informing themselves and start with more conservative investments, to extract maximum value within their own profile.

 “In the past it was just leaving resources passively in an application and the return was up to double digits. Not anymore”, added Rafael Zlot, Fixed Income Manager at Banco Plural.

According to experts, after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, private credit papers such as Certificates of Real Estate Receivables (CRI), Certificates of Agricultural Receivables (CRA) and Debentures began to offer more interesting returns.

According to Rafael Zlot, some companies and banks started paying premiums even higher than before, especially for longer terms.

In the past it was just leaving resources passively in an application and the return was up to double digits. Not anymore.

For both experts, these options should be looked at after the emergency reserve is guaranteed, and the lack of liquidity and the possibility of losses are still considered. For them, resources that need to be available for urgent needs should be maintained in conservative applications, despite low profitability.

The experts recalled that fixed income applications are not loss-free and that it is necessary to know the risks that these investments offer.

“The investor has to know these risks, and pay attention mainly to the deadlines”, noted Camila Dolle.

Declining fixed income requires alternative investments

Recently, in the Alternative Assets webinar: from Uranium to Digital Assets, investments in alternative assets have been cited as excellent portfolio diversification alternatives. And today there are several options to buy these assets digitally, through what is known as tokenization, with great liquidity.

According to the debaters, the market for alternative assets is booming. One example of investment that caused a lot of interest from the participants was the uranium. Like bitcoin, the mineral has a high expectation of appreciation, as its supply is decreasing and demand is growing. This asymmetry makes the mineral one of the great bets of appreciation in the coming years.