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The SEC, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commision, which regulates the U.S. capital market, recently approved an ETF that pools shares of companies with exposure to bitcoin and other cryptoassets. With heavyweights like Tesla and Paypal, the investment fund is managed by Volt Equity.

Called Volt Crypto Industry Revolution, the fund consists of 30 companies and represents an important advance for the cryptoasset investment thesis.

Twitter was also included in the basket after the social network announced implementing a tipping system with cryptoassets such as bitcoin.

The newly approved ETF also has shares in companies such as MicroStrategy, Square, and Coinbase.

While the ETF does not have direct exposure to bitcoin, the fund does have a direct relationship with companies that operate and invest in the cryptoasset market.

This instrument would probably not be approved by the SEC in 2020. Still, due to the accelerated maturation of the industry, approval has now been possible. It may represent positive signaling for the long-awaited SEC-approved Bitcoin ETF, paving the way to the flow of investors who can only trade products regulated in the United States.