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The cryptoasset market followed with great enthusiasm the price of bitcoin as it approached US$ 67,000 on Wednesday (20). For the first time in history, bitcoin surpassed the US$ 66,000 level via the BTC/USD pair.

In addition to bitcoin, Ether (ETH) – a cryptosset on the Ethereum network – is another market highlight. According to data from CoinMarketCap, ETH almost renewed its all-time high by being quoted at US$ 4,366.09 on Thursday morning (21).

For the first time since May 2021, Ether’s price has surpassed the resistance of US$ 4,300, a result of an appreciation of more than 7% in the last 24 hours.  

Ethereum Price Today (Reproduction/CoinMarketCap)

New Ethereum record

Bitcoin recorded a new all-time high as it was quoted at US$ 66,930.39, accompanied by the appreciation of the major cryptoassets.

After overcoming resistance at US$ 4,000, the Ether price rose to almost renew its all-time high. However, it lacked some boost to overcome the resistance of US$ 4,379; the current record price reached in May 2021. After being quoted at US$ 4,366.09, the ETH price retreated to around US$ 4,100, but continues with a small appreciation on the day of 1.35%.

Considered one of the market’s top assets, Ether has moved more than US$ 28 billion in the last 24 hours. Valued at nearly half a trillion dollars, ETH is the second-largest digital currency considering its market value.