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Once again, the change in the Ethereum network will be delayed. According to one of the platform’s leading developers, Tim Beiko, the change in the mining protocol will not happen until June 2022.

The developer published a tweet where he talks about the postponement of the update. Until then, the Ethereum network was preparing to adopt a new block validation protocol.

However, the change will once again be delayed by the platform developers. Tim Beiko said that there is no forecast for the integration to happen on the social network. The developer said this integration might occur in the “next few months”, without setting a new official date.

“It will not be in June, but probably in the next few months. No set date yet, but we are definitely in the final chapter of PoW on Ethereum”. 

Ethereum network change

Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum network uses a proof-of-work mechanism to validate transactions on the network. Nevertheless, in addition to excessive power consumption, this protocol is known for raising fees according to the supply of transactions available.

In other words, those who pay more are more likely to have their transaction validated through the proof of work of the Ethereum network. However, the change in the network intends to establish proof of stake mechanism, gradually decreasing the use of the other protocol.

However, until the Ethereum network undergoes the protocol transition, the proof of stake cannot be deployed. Since 2019 the crypto market has been waiting for the change, which has suffered several postponements over the past two years.