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The cryptoasset market follows up the explosion of games that use blockchain technology. With play-to-earn systems, games like Axie Infinity are successful in Brazil and around the world.

With an eye on this trend, Facebook is investing US$ 50 million to build a metaverse. Like some games that use blockchain technology, Facebook may soon have a virtual world.

Considered the largest social network globally, with 2.85 billion users, Facebook has not stated whether the platform’s metaverse will be developed from blockchain technology.

Facebook’s digital universe should be tested in the next two years. This test will happen through tools that the social network already develops for virtual environments, such as virtual reality glasses.

Although Facebook creates the multiverse, the virtual world of the social network can work independently, according to an official statement on the project. The company also said that the multiverse would be developed continuously, and some products should be tested between 2031 and 2036.

“Just like the internet, the metaverse exists regardless of whether Facebook is there or not. Many of these products will become a reality in the next 10 to 15 years”.

Softbank invests US$ 1.2 million in startup

Virtual reality attracts investments from large companies that develop tools and technologies geared toward multiverses that have become popular through the internet.

Besides Facebook, Softbank is another institution betting on virtual reality. Recently, the Japanese bank’s fund led a US$ 1.2 million investment round in startup DNABlock.