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We have already shown here how Transfero deals with the safety of its clients’ resources. But do you know how the company operates daily? The heart of the activity that involves the active management of resources is the trading desk of Transfero. Therein, the major daily trading decisions are taken pursuing outstanding returns from the bitcoin market for the clients.

A group of six to eight people meets daily around 10:30 am in a kind of a company’s war room. There, the analysts assess the behavior of the market on the previous day and forecast for the next few days. Based on the discussions initiated in that meeting, the head of Investments, Carlos Franco Russo, takes the trade decision for the day. The strategies are usually published in the Trading View.

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Short or long? That is the question

The decision to be taken basically involves betting against or in favor of the market. After the charts’ analysis, if the experts perceive a downward trend, they do the short operations. That is, they operate the sold ones, betting that the price will fall and they will be able to repurchase cheap and make a profit with the difference. On the other hand, if it is an upward trend, or bullish, the trade desk operates with the purchased ones, which means, buy cheap to sell it more expensive later on.

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In addition, the experts operate with a view of gains in the short, medium and long term. Generally, there is at least one exclusive analyst for each of the strategies. However in the bitcoin market, different from the others, short term means operating with a perspective of days, while medium term are weeks and long term means months.

Thus, operating a bitcoin trade desk or another cryptocurrency is no different than  operating a trade desk in the stock market. The difference lies upon the traded assets and the platforms.

Transfero’s trade desk seeks for optimizations

In addition to the decisions taken by traders, the firm also programs in python to try to optimize the results of its trades. The complete process involves the selection of strategies, the resulting tests based on the inputs and a careful statistical analysis to choose the winning strategies before its adoption through robots created specifically for this purpose.

The automation takes place through the integration of trade algorithms with the exchanges so that decision-making becomes independent – without the interference of the trader and in accordance with predefined inputs – seeking to increase the efficiency of the chosen strategy.

 “We are always seeking to improve our strategies and, for that purpose, we will be soon employing the most different resources, such as the machine learning, sentimental  analysis, among others”, says the head of the Investments of Transfero Swiss, Carlos Franco Russo.

The trade strategies are primarily geared towards the TSAG Advanced, strategy that seeks to overcome the cryptoassets market by assessing macro evaluation on the bitcoin’cycles and technical and statistical analysis.