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This year we have seen many blockchain based projects launched on the market. Several sectors, as the air sector and the medicine sector are developing initiatives involving the application of the technology. Some analyses, as one published by ValeWalk, shows the technology as a potential revolution to the business. Faced with this, let’s remember some blockchain based projects highlighted in 2018.

Sony builds a blockchain to register the copyrights

The giant company of entertainment has announced a project to build a platform to record copyrights linked to the company. Initially, the platform will be dedicated to the educational material produced by Sony Global Education and shall register several medias types. However, the focus is on the textual production, making simple and fast the proof of the copyright. Sony has identified in the blockchain a possibility to simplify and cheapen the process of authorship record.

A platform to record property

The project to building the Ownera platform has announced in Crypto Invest Summit and shows a new concept in blockchain. The idea to build specialized blockchain may dominate the market in the future. Ownera is a project to build a platform optimized to record property. Therefore, shall be possible to tokenize assets as works of art in a simple and safe way. The platform also shall have the differential of be compliance with KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti money laundering) policies.

Blockchain to replace passwords

This project ongoing by Remme targets the safety of financial applications in big institutions. Although the technical details still being in secrecy, the company announced the usage of a innovative protocol, proof of service. The innovative application will use digital certificates that will be recorded on the blockchain, making the access easily traceable. However, the manipulate the digital certificate will be extremely hard, because this is stored on blockchain.

Platform will allows peer-to-peer loans

The swiss company Cashare will offer loans peer-to-peer with the safety of a blockchain. Using the structure provided by AACE, the company shall register the deals between creditors and debtors in a transparent platform. Beyond the safety of the application, the reduction of the costs to build the platform is a great attractive. Cashare is a company with more than one decade of performance in the swiss market. Therefore, they expect that application be a success as was the pilot project, generating US$ 15 millions of dollars.

More transparency in elections with a blockchain platform

To close this list, a project that applied the blockchain technology to make the brazilian electoral process more clear. Voto Legal is a platform that has used by 101 candidates for political positions in the brazilian elections in 2018, allowing the public register of donations for the political campaign. Therefore, the process of funding for the campaigns becomes more clear to all the electors, allowing any citizen to do an audition. The initiative of Appcívico is a open source project, it means that all the source code is available on the web.

What we can expect in 2019?

Most part of the above listed projects still ongoing. Therefore, we expect that next year be promising to market of blockchain projects. More and more big technology companies are investing in projects based on crypto technology. This year, this technology has discovered by many technology leader. However, still hadn’t the necessary time to the projects development. So, probably in the next year we shall see several projects based on blockchain technology launched with potential to do a revolution on the market.