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Cryptoassets received great recognition from the president of the Central Bank of Brazil, Roberto Campos Neto, who participated in a webinar about the digital Real. According to him, digital currencies are part of a new financial system.

Campos Neto spoke about the crypto market during the 7th webinar “Technologies for issuing and compatibility with existing arrangements”, which took place last Tuesday (30).

The president of the Central Bank was invited to close the lecture cycle that discussed technologies to create a digital currency through the Central Bank.

While talking about the challenges of the digital Real, Campos Neto commented on the importance of crypto assets in the financial market. With new technologies and tools, crypto market features can be incorporated by banking institutions.

In addition, the Central Bank president said that the process of tokenization of assets “is a reality”, as is the “launch of digital assets” in the crypto market.

“These technologies open space for new business models, models that can meet the population’s demand for natively digital means of settlement, as seen in the cryptoasset ecosystem. Asset tokenization and digital asset launching is a reality.”

Although the digital Real is not yet a reality in Brazil, Campos Neto said that other technologies may be created from the CBDC implementation in the future. One such tool could provide the use of digital currency through offline transactions, for example, replacing the use of cash.

“Paper money attends that purpose, and as technology advances, other solutions based on digital Real could become feasible”.

Attended by crypto market experts, the 7th webinar, “Technologies for Issuance and Compatibility with Existing Arrangements,” discussed technologies in the crypto market, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and metaverses.

Streamed on Youtube, you can watch the webinar in full via this video: