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Over an event promoted by Village Global, the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, asserted that ethereum have a great potential. The VIP edition of Lessons From Luminaries held in San Francisco also has the participation of the economist Tyler Cowen. So, together they provided to the public a great debate available on Youtube.

Schmidt has the reputation of one of the most influential executive of the world. Therefore, as the chairman of Alphabet and crypto enthusiast, his opinion have impact in the crypto market. Questioned about the blockchain technology, the executive showed two points of view. About the application for public purposes, he considers overrated. However, about the technology potential, it seems underrated.

Developing his answer, Schmidt highlighted the ethereum as the most interest application to the blockchain technology. However, he added that it still needing to improve the synchronization of executions in the blockchain. The executive’s speech seems to refer to the problem of scalability that the platform have.

The support to Dapps on ethereum

The decentralized applications supported by the ethereum platform has grow in adoption. Several platforms has begun to support Dapps offering a simple and practical access. Recently the Opera browser launched a update with support to ethereum Dapps through a native wallet. Therefore, more and more the market receives new applications supporting the Dapps, showing that many companies, as Schmidt, believes in the adoption of ethereum.

The ethereum-friendly position of the former CEO of Google was highlighted in a publication of Toshi Times.