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A new social network is being developed by former Facebook and Tinder employees. Called Niche, the platform uses the web 3.0 concept to create a segmented digital immersion for the user.

According to Niche’s CEO, Christopher Gulczynski, the first social networks offered a mass connection between users. However, web 3.0 will allow for personal platforms with fewer connections and more targeted content.

Before becoming CEO of Niche, Gulczynski worked at Tinder and Bumble. For him, the new social networks tend to group people according to their preferences.

In an interview with FastCompanyMe, Christopher Gulczynski explains how this transition from social networking to Web 3.0 will happen. He talks about platforms shrinking their users in search of grouping as many people as possible who have things in common.

“I think the first rush of social networking was to connect everyone en masse – it was about your high school friends, your family; it’s an extensive range of connections and minimal in common. I think the trend in social media now is to get smaller, to get more intimate around that relational status of everyone in the group”.

Niche’s goal is to group users into niches. This way, there will be more compatibility among them, who will be in groups following their preferences, such as business events or famous artists.

Recently, Niche’s application was made available on Apple’s App Store. The social network intends to monetize the business by offering a group of users with high potential to become paying customers for social influencers who produce content for the Internet.